Hi, I’m Rae Wellington, your Brand + Launch Strategist & Coach.

I am a Barrister and Solicitor turned Brand Strategist and Coach. I found a love and passion for branding a few years into my legal career. I had specialized as a corporate and commercial lawyer so my "heels" were already dug into the nitty gritty of how businesses were run and how to legally protect them every step of the way...

My Epiphany

Soon I had begun to take notice that certain businesses set themselves apart in their competitive markets and would be chosen repeatedly, even when they offered the same benefits as their competitors. These businesses formed deep emotional connections with their customers and turned them into tribes that shared their values, championed their causes and stood by them in a crisis.

For these businesses, it was no longer just about selling products and services or even gaining customer loyalty, which is a huge milestone in marketing, it was all about building a brand. They were versed in attracting, retaining, managing memorability, perceptions, engagement, conversations about them, cohesiveness in all touchpoints in ways of experiences, visual appeal, sound, language, stories, covenants and more.

Going All In

It has been a thirteen year love affair with branding for me, since deciding I was going to spend a good chunk of my life being a part of the behind the scenes of how brands are built, made and managed. These years saw me taking a Master's degree in Corporate Brand Management, working in global and independent branding agencies as strategist and putting my "little" stamp on hundreds of corporate, product and personal brands. Yet, I still get giddy like a kid in a candy store when faced with the prospect of starting any aspect of a branding project, same as for launching products, services and literally anything! Still gets me excited everyday.

Present and Future

Now, I help brands build ecosystems that firmly support their brand building initiatives and future launches, whether personal, business/corporate or product brands. I work with entrepreneurs and public persons to help them gain crystal clarity about their own brands, target audience, competitors and products or offers; to build brands that are loved and chosen, through strong brand ecosystems; and to launch irresistible offers. My ultimate goal is to make their brands and business thrive.



Terminologies Explained

Brand Coaching

Definition: Brand coaching involves guiding and mentoring businesses or individuals to clarify, articulate, and implement their brand vision, purpose, and values. It's about helping them understand and harness their unique value proposition. Brand coaching is more about nurturing and guiding.
Process: Brand coaching often begins with self-reflection, helping clients define their brand essence, identify their target audience, and carve out a niche in the market. The coach offers feedback, insights, and strategies to shape the brand's perception and representation.
Purpose: The goal is to ensure that the brand's messaging, image, and offerings align with its core values and resonate authentically with its audiences.

Brand Coaching Programmes:

Step Into BrandLight

Ready Brand Launch

Clarity Clinic

Brand Strategy

Definition: Brand strategy is the long-term plan for developing and managing a brand to achieve specific goals. It's the roadmap that outlines how the brand will be positioned, how it will grow, and how it will communicate its message to the audience. Brand Planning is about planning and executing.
Components: This includes target audience identification, brand positioning, competitive analysis, visual identity (like logos and colors), brand voice, content, visibility, a plan for marketing communications and more.
Purpose: A clear brand strategy ensures consistency across all brand touchpoints, strengthens brand equity, and drives consumer loyalty.

Brand Strategy Programmes:

Power-Up Strategy Session (90 Mins)

Power-Up Strategy Session (4 Hours)

Launch Coaching

Definition: Launch coaching involves assisting businesses or individuals as they prepare to introduce a new product, service, or venture to the market. The process focuses on aligning the launch with the overarching business goals, addressing potential challenges, and ensuring that the entity launching is set up for success. Launch coaching is focused on guiding and mentoring the individual or business through the launch process.
Process: Launch coaching starts with an assessment of the current state of the product or service, understanding the market, and defining clear launch objectives. The coach provides insights, tactics, and techniques tailored to the nuances of the particular launch, ensuring readiness and confidence in the client.
Purpose: The main objective of launch coaching is to provide guidance, instil confidence, and ensure that the client avoids common pitfalls during a launch, thus maximizing the potential for success.

Launch Programmes:

Clarity Session

30 days To Launch

Launch Strategy

Definition: A launch strategy is a comprehensive plan detailing how a new product, service, or business will be introduced to the market. It encompasses various elements such as market research, positioning, promotion tactics, and post-launch evaluation. Launch strategy is about creating a structured plan to ensure the launch's success.
Components: Key elements of a launch strategy include market analysis, positioning statements, promotional plans (including PR, advertising, and influencer partnerships), pricing strategies, distribution channels, and feedback mechanisms for post-launch adjustments.
Purpose: The aim of a launch strategy is to ensure a smooth, successful introduction of a new offering to the market, achieving early traction, and laying the foundation for sustainable growth.

Launch Strategy Programmes:

Power-Up Strategy Session (90 Mins)

Power-Up Strategy Session (4 Hours)

I achieve these through...

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You will have someone trained and experienced to help you get exceptional results.

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Clarity and Strategy Sessions

You will have someone trained and experienced to help you get exceptional results.


You will have someone trained and experienced to help you get exceptional results.


You will have someone trained and experienced to help you get exceptional results.

Who I Work With

CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, Public Persons and Persons building personal brands, to help then gain crystal clarity about their brand and business, build lovable brands with strong ecosystems and launch irresistible products, services, events, podcasts, programs, and more. I bring strong academic and agency knowledge and experience in brand management from the scholars and big brands to my clients' brands and businesses.

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