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Hey there! A fundamental part of my work (as well as an aspect I thoroughly enjoy) is helping people gain crystal clarity about their brand or business. My clarity clinic sessions are maximized to get you to search deeply and around your brand vision and goals, because clarity always from within. We just need the right set of questions to get it out of us, which is what I'm here to do for you so you can become unstuck and move next to making the right strategies to get to your goals. Cheers, Rae.

Clarity Expert in Brand + Launch

Clarity Clinic (Brand/Business Clarity Session) With Rae Wellington

Clarity Clinic (Brand/Business Clarity Session) 45 Minutes

Are you stuck?

Here is how to know you need a Clarity Clinic With me.

✔ You are unclear about those key aspects of your brand or business that truly define it

✔ You do not know "where to even start" building your brand or business

✔ You are unable to take your business to that next level it so desperately needs due to confusion

✔ You are unsure of who you serve and what solutions to offer them

✔ You are uncertain about how to communicate or connect with your ideal audience

✔ You keep trying to do what everyone else is doing

✔ You are unclear about the type of strategies you should be making to build your brand or business

Well hello!!! That's precisely why I'm here! I am here to help you move past the confusion-fueled chaos to the other side of Crystal Clarity and action-taking. 

It is impossible to build a successful brand or business without Clarity.

When confusion is allowed to run riot, it costs you time, money, clients, growth and so much more. What you need is a clear path for your brand strategies and business growth to take off! When you have crystal clarity, your ideal customers can resonate with you easily and be compelled to take action to do business with you!

Why waste any more time?

Clarity Areas

My Clarity Clinics go beyond helping you find your "why". They are useful for diagnosing the causes of your confusion and roadblocks, and depending on the areas to tackle in the session, help you:

✅ Understand and define all the identities of your brand or business and how to express them

✅ Understand and define your brand positioning, brand values, and brand personality

✅ Choose Your brand elements such as your logo, website, visual branding based on your identities, personality and target audience

✅ Understand the structure your brand or business models and determine the money makers of your brand or business

✅ Pick your niche and recognize how to discover your ideal customer motivations, aspirations, obstacles so you can get a sense of what solutions to provide

✅ Become clear on how to structure and manage two or more niches at the same time or different sets of target audience

✅ Know where to find your ideal customers and have a roadmap to reach them

✅ Understand your competitors' offerings and how to differentiate

✅ Gain clarity about your product unique benefits and selling points and how to use them in marketing

✅ Define and craft your unique selling proposition

✅ Understand and craft your personal brand story or signature talk

✅ Understand and craft your elevator pitch

✅ Understand and craft your brand promise

✅ Understand and craft your brand positioning statement

✅ Understand and craft your tagline

✅ Understand and craft your values statement

✅ Gain clarity on what is needed to create your irresistible offer, your coaching program or product suite for your target audience and set you on the path to start creating it (this does not include the creation of your offer, program or product suite). For that, You can join my program here

✅ Diagnose why your website isn't converting and understand what you can do to improve conversion

✅ Learn how to find the right price point for your product or service in between your competitors' offerings and your target customers' needs and financial capacities

✅ Get clear on "where to start" with building your brand or launching

✅ Understand "where to start" with getting clients. Get a roadmap to follow to get your first client or next new client

✅ Get a list of solutions you should be providing your clients or customers

✅ Get clear on how to structure your discovery calls in such a way to improve conversions

✅ Get clear on different ways to monetize your brand using the unique make up of your brand

✅ Get clear on your content structures, content topics and posting schedules for your social media necessary for your target audience type .

✅ Get clear on how to choose your touchpoints and map out your Customer journey

Who Is This For?

  • CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Strategy heads, Consultants, Personal brands, Product or Brand Managers, Marketing Execs, Strategists, anyone seeking clarity about their brand, target audience, competitors or products and services.
  • For any stage of your branding, business or launch.
  • For Personal Brands, Corporate or Business Brands and Product Brands.

What's Included

Here's what you get with your Clarity Clinic.


Pre-session Questionnaire

You will fill out a pre-session questionnaire so I can extract as much as possible about your brand, business or launch and where you want to take it. You will also have the opportunity using email or recorded voice message, to tell me in detail about your clarity issue and where you want to take your brand, business or launch.


Own Brand Research

In addition to feedback you have given me, I will look into your current branding, products, content, and communication to see what your brand or business is communicating, to better understand how to help you get clear.


Clarity Clinic Session = Crystal Clarity

Using my developed Crystal Brand Clarity Intensive Framework, Coaching Techniques, Brand Diagnosis Tools and your collaboration, we will get to the root of the confusion and solve the clarity issue. You will leave the session with crystal clarity about that one instrumental aspect of your brand, business or launch.


Follow Up Emails

I will be available for you via emails or voxer for another week if you have any new questions around the topic discussed in our Clarity Clinic Session.

What is the Process?

How it all happens

Make a payment and Schedule your session

Click the button to make payment for your clarity clinic session and after payment, you will get immediate access to schedule a date in my calendar.

Send me an email or voice message

Using a link provided after payment, you will send me an email or voice message specifying the one area to be addressed in the session and explaining your confusion, goals for your brand or business, roadblocks in detail. I'll email you or send a questionnaire if I need further information.

Clarity Clinic Day

Using a zoom link I'll send to you, we will meet for our Clarity Clinic session where we will dive deep into your confusion and roadblocks and get you to Crystal Clarity using my Crystal Brand Clarity Intensive Framework.

Follow up

We can exchange emails for up to one week on how you are moving forward with the your clarity as you will have opportunity to ask me further questions on the same subject matter, as you take your business forward with clarity.

Get Crystal Clarity that illuminates your path and moves your business to new levels.

Clarity Clinic (Brand/Business Clarity Session) With Rae Wellington

Clarity Clinic (Brand/Business Clarity Session) 45 Minutes

Investment: $125

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